Once a year, we try to sum up the ending year and forecast trends for the upcoming year on the pages of our magazine. While a large part of the last year’s forecasts was reflected in the facts, preparing the projections for the next year was a challenging task. The political changes that took place in Poland will undoubtedly have a big impact on the economic situation of Poland in 2016. At the same time some trends, especially those associated with commercial real estates, depend more on global tendencies, which is why we feel optimistic about their fulfilment.  

As always we present the most interesting texts from the website Tereny Inwestycje Info, the description of the key market trends, expert tips, and interviews with the representatives of key companies from the market and the public area who are responsible for shaping the investment policy in Poland. So we encourage you to read this issue and to regularly visit the website Tereny Inwestycje Info to stay up to date with the latest news from the industry.

In this issue, we’ve changed our existing tradition of putting eminent people from the world of business and politics on the cover, because we want to highlight the winning image from the photo competition organized by TII website. The photo shows Ericpol office building,built by Strabag in the centre of Łódź, officially opened at the beginning of 2015. The cover photo was selected by the Readers from among the photos picked by the editors.

Enjoy reading the new issue,
Marta Śniegocka - Editor in Chief of website Tereny Inwestycyjne Info


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