Szczecin is located at the intersection of routes in all types of transport. The City is an important international transport hub along the trans-European International North–South Transport Corridor, from southern Scandinavia, to the Oder waterway, the Czech Republic, Austria and ports on the Mediterranean Sea. It is located on the route connecting Russia and Finland to Western Europe via the Baltic.  In addition to its perfect location, Szczecin is characterised by unmatched natural conditions, a broad selection of attractive investment land and substantial potential in terms of educated and highly qualified workforce.

This is confirmed by:

  • its BBB+ rating, as announced by Fitch Ratings, remaining at this level since 2008. The rating reflects prudent financial management, operational expenditure rationalisation, good debt ratios and a moderate debt level;
  • two Special Economic Zones: The Euro-Park Mielec Special Economic Zone, operating in Szczecin since 2010, and the Kostrzyn-Słubice Special Economic Zone established in 2013;
  • its “one-stop shop” effective investor assistance, provided by the Investor and Business Assistance Department.
  • the support provided by the District Labour Office to entrepreneurs in relation to recruitment and training processes, including financial support,
  • its young and dynamic society and the availability of qualified workforce proficient in foreign languages,
  • the fact that Szczecin is the largest academic centre in the Westpomeranian Region.

Strategic sectors

  • Logistics
    What distinguishes Szczecin is its unique location and perfect connection and access to both sales and supply markets in Poland, Europe and the world. Its close proximity to Scandinavia and Germany, excellent connection to the rest of Western Europe and access to the Baltic Sea through waterways, all translate into the City’s unparalleled potential, which has been successfully growing in recent years. The City’s strategic location, coupled with qualified its workforce and access to warehousing space and production areas, make Szczecin an incredibly attractive location for the establishment and development of companies operating in the field of logistics.
  • Industry
    In Szczecin you will find perfect conditions for the development of maritime companies. The City’s strengths include its attractive industrial areas and a dynamically developing warehousing-space market. Szczecin boasts qualified specialist resource, which includes the graduates of the West Pomeranian University of Technology and Maritime University. Undoubtedly, what makes the City unique is its exceptional location, long-standing ship-building tradition, and the presence of the Szczecin and Świnoujscie Seaports, which make up one of the biggest port complexes in the Baltic Sea region. The Szczecin and Świnoujscie Seaports are the nearest seaports for western and south-western Poland.

    The ship-building industry has always been an important industry for Szczecin. The revitalised areas in the northern part of the City and on Ostrów Brdowski and Gryfia Islands constitute attractive development areas, occupied by modern companies.
  • Modern services
    Szczecin is a city of young and active people, dynamically developing office-space market and innovative technologies.  Cutting-edge technologies are the basis for the economic and competitive development of Szczecin. Therefore, the City is investing in research centres, IT infrastructure and business-support institutions. Recently, Szczecin has become one of the most popular locations for BPO, SSC and ICT centres. In addition to the accessibility of superior office space and the large number of well-qualified employees, investors can also benefit from low labour costs, knowledge of foreign languages and the high professional integrity of Szczecin residents.