Poland has become a strong location for business on European scale, which is confirmed by more prestigious investments, for example, entry of JP Morgan to Warsaw or Swarovski to Gdańsk. The dynamic development of centres outside the capital, persistent record levels in all aspects of the office market and the trust placed in our country by foreign investors further strengthen this situation. International actors are interested in not only Warsaw, and the main centres are using their chance in an efficient way.

This is confirmed by a fairly high construction activity on regional markets, which currently reaches one million sqm., which gives 1.8 sqm. throughout the country (including the capital market). What is important is the fact that as early as the next year the supply of offices in Wrocław will exceed one million sqm., and the same thing will happen in the Tri-City in two years. In Warsaw, on the other hand, a record number of office towers is being constructed, which even now has a significant impact on shaping the city’s skyline. Another noticeable trend on the Polish office market in the increase of investments in older properties in order to bring them in line with current standards or to completely change their functions.

The industry of modern business services is the main driving force of the development of the office market. Currently, service centres employ almost a quarter of a million of employees, and it will get even better. According to ABSL forecasts, the number of people working in the sector in 2020 can amount to approximately 300.000 people. These companies will need new office space, which means a further significant increase in the real estate in this area. Only in the first six months, in the eight major regional markets outside the capital, service centres rented the area of more than 187.000 sqm., and taking into account smaller centres – 210.000 sqm. BPO/SSC companies today occupy 62% of the rented space in Krakow, 50% in Wrocław and 48% in Łódź. In total, business service centres occupy more than 2 million sqm. of surface area in Poland.

Foreign investors from the service sector very often choose Poland mainly due to the rich pool of our national talents. However, due to the progressive saturation of the labour market in regional cities, a number of significant projects from this sector is located in Warsaw. This is due to the large availability of qualified human resources and a decrease in the difference in salaries between the capital and regional cities.