39 projects with a total value of €755.7 m has been completed by PAIiIZ this year. Owing to the Agency’s support 9953 new jobs will be created.

Currently, the Agency supports 153 investment projects with a total value of  €4,545 m. They all can create 31,560 new jobs in the future.

The majority of projects on the Agency´s list  come form US (40 projects, €1.059m, 8,316 jobs), Germany (17 projects, €261.3m and 2,887 jobs) and China (13 projects, €402m, 3,013 jobs). PAIiIZ also supports nine projects from UK and Japan each, and seven from India and Sweden each.

Business services still predominate among all sectors rank. Those are: BPO (40 projects, €3 m 10,287 jobs), automotive (26 projects), R&D (13 projects), and food sector (10 projects).