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Grunty inwestycyjne dla biznesu

Next year we will start the construction of a logistics centre near Cracow

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Mirosław Koszany, the Chairman of Biuro Inwestycji Kapitałowych S.A.
Mirosław Koszany, the Chairman of Biuro Inwestycji Kapitałowych S.A.

Interview with Mirosław Koszany, the Chairman of Biuro Inwestycji Kapitałowych S.A.

In June Biuro Inwestycji Kapitałowych informed about the extension of the Silesian Logistics Centre in Sosnowiec of 30,000 sq mts. What were the decisive factors to start the investment now?

The situation on the warehousing market is very good and we see the potential to realise other investments. Moreover, we decided to extend the Silesian Logistics Centre of other objects of total capacity of 30,000 m2 due to numerous inquiries from customers about availability of areas and regular low rate of vacancies in SLC. While working on the preparation for the investment we also talk to investors interested in warehouse storage area lease. Actually, the demand on warehousing real estate is steadily growing. We want to use it. We think that it is a good moment to intensify investment projects because it will result in the significant increase in our operation scope.

What are you other investment plans at the warehouse storage area market?

We also prepare ourselves to the construction of another logistics centre nearby Cracow, called the Cracow Logistics Centre III. The plot we own is in prefect location, close to the A4 highway interchange in Szarów. The planned investment will provide around 20,000 sq mts of warehouse storage and office area. We would like to start next year.

For last months one could hear that the warehousing market had come to life again which was proven, for example, by the increasing number of speculation projects. Do you also have such projects in plans, and what is your personal opinion about the warehousing market condition?

Market data demonstrate a significant increase in the volume of constructed and commissioned warehouse storage area. It confirms that we all experience the dynamically developing sector with a lot of good perspectives ahead. In this situation we also observe growing demand. However, we are of the opinion that the construction of speculation objects is still too risky, and therefore, we do not plan any such investments nowadays. Out strategy is to build warehousing facilities on the basis of lease agreements. It provides us with stable revenues, but also with keeping our costs under tight control. Moreover, we also care about maintenance of as much flexibility as possible for our customers – when building a versatile object we often close the way to provide our customers with tailor-made products meeting their requirements.

BIK stems from Cracow. How does the warehousing area market development look like in the region and which factors could give it a boost?

The Cracow region is characterised with relatively small number of investment parcels available which could be used for warehousing projects. What is more, the closeness to the Silesian market where the number of the large area warehousing parks is big makes Cracow and its surrounding the local market with the offer addressed rather to investors planning the construction of objects of area of a couple of to max. over a dozen thousands sq. mts. We specialise in such warehouses. We have a significant market share and we want to strengthen it within the lands we manage. Limited warehousing area supply guarantees also the high level of commercialisation of all objects, and the low level of vacancies at the same time.

BIK also deals with the construction of small-sized retail centres. This year you are commissioning the Retail Park in Bielsko-Biała. How is the commercialisation rate for the object?

Construction works with the Retail Park Bielsko come to an end and the shopping centre will be opened this year. So far, we have commercialised over 60% of the object. We finalise other negotiations which should be confirmed with agreements soon. We are convinced that until the opening moment there will be 100% of lessees. Certainly, the magnet for other customers is the well-known chains which will be present in the Retail Park Bielsko, such as: Biedronka, Rossmann, Pepco, Decathlon Easy, or Neonet.

You also plan to build a retail object in Dzierżoniów. What stage is the project at and when can one expect the beginning of construction works?

We are in the commercialisation stage. The investment has already started – the construction works will begin in the upcoming months.

Does BIK plan other retail projects? Which locations are the most attractive for you?

Currently, we concentrate on the on-going projects in Bielsko-Biała and the investment planned in Dzierżoniów. For the whole time we analyse new project possibilities. We see the development potential in medium-sized towns which are not saturated with modern retail objects.

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