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Local government with vision - Final gala of the "Community Fair Play" contest

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Community Fair Play
Community Fair Play

This year’s edition of the “Community Fair Play” contest has come to an end. On October 21, at the Bristol Hotel in Warsaw, the best communities in Poland received certificates and prizes. 13 ambitious local governments were awarded with the “Community Fair Play” title.

Currently, in many communities investors can count on professional support of local authorities. Polish communities have reached a point where they are beginning to see the need to verify their long-term goals, to which strategic plans are subject. It is important for them to match acquired investments with the long-term needs of their local and regional communities, including the creation of new jobs, better living conditions, meeting professional ambitions of inhabitants and raising the attractiveness of the region. Communities seek new investments and raise the standard of services. These measures should be considered and included in the long-term plan aimed at realizing ambitious visions of development. The best visions and strategies were awarded in this year’s edition of the “Community Fair Play” contest.

Contest with tradition

For 15 years, the “Fair Play Community” contest has gained the trust of local governments as a prestigious project, giving them tangible benefits in the form of broad promotion and increased interest of investors.

The motto of the 15th edition was “Community with a vision”. Awards were given to communities that were able to work out an ambitious final vision, who consciously plan their development, and whose actions are based on an understanding of the needs of the investor and local community and the need to develop mutual benefits. The organizers pay particular attention to the future plans of the participants, their feasibility and consistency with the needs of the community

A community with a vision already at the stage of planning the investment wants its effects to be felt for many years and to be an impulse for further regional development. - adds Dr Mieczysław Bąk, Chairman of the Nationwide Committee of the “Community Fair Play” contest.

In this year’s edition, communities participated in 4 categories:
- multifunctional rural community,
- rural community,
- town and small city,
- community for tourists.

This year’s Winners

The Main Prize (statuette) was awarded to Lesznowola and Tryńcza. The Contest Jury also awarded honorable mentions to Mszczonów, Błonie, Brwinów and Płużnica. Dariusz Zieliński communities. The Mayor of Góra Kalwinia community was awarded with the title of “Local Manager of the Year 2016” for extraordinary commitment to the development of the community, and for sacrificing his time, energy and heart. Brwinów and Płużnica communities were awarded with the Golden Statuette for winning five years in a row. The Diamond Statuette for winning the certificate and title in ten subsequent editions was given to Błonie, Truńcza and Międzylesie communities. For the 15th edition of the contest, we have prepared a special award - full rating from INC Rating, won by Brwinów community.

Validation rules

Communities participating in the contest are verified in two stages. During the first stage of the contest, questionnaires in which communities carry out self-assessments of their activities and present their accomplishments and future plans are assessed. In the second stage, properly prepared auditors control communities in order to verify the data contained in the questionnaires. In addition, random investors carrying out activities in the community are surveyed. The data obtained during audits and examinations of investors serve as a basis for a benchmarking report that is received by all the participants during the second stage. The sum of ratings granted by the auditors and investors decides about awarding the community with the "Community Fair Play" Certificate.

Advantages for communities

There are many benefits associated with participating in one of the oldest Polish certification programs. In addition to the prestige, the winners can take advantage of promotional opportunities. Each winner has the right to use the logo of "Community Fair Play" in promotional and business activities, for example: on websites, leaflets, special road signs. This recognizable logo attracts the attention of investors and supports building a positive image of the community. The certificate is a confirmation of a high level of competencies, tested and evaluated by entrepreneurs, investors, and auditors. In conjunction with the assessment contained in the benchmarking report, it constitutes a strong argument in business negotiations. Communities also get an independent assessment of investors through surveys conducted by the contest office at the second stage of the program in all participating communities. The contest also provides promotion and the possibility to present achievements and plans. Several times a year, we inform the nationwide, regional, local and industry media (press, radio, TV, websites) about the contest, its participants and winners.

Community Fair Play - trivia about the Winners

Babimost community - unemployment is at a surprisingly low level - 1.8%. A functioning passenger airport is an important development factor. Around the airport, there are properties that enable the acquisition of investors.

Brwinów community - it has the Museum of Automotive Industry and Technology in Otrębusy - the largest of its type in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. The number of inhabitants is growing steadily. In 2015, it reached 25 thousand people. Brwinów community has 16 kindergartens.

Błonie community - one of the oldest settlements of Mazovia. The town of Błonie was destroyed during the Swedish invasion, which obliterated all bricked buildings apart from the church. Prince Józef Poniatowski was the Poviat Tenant, hence the Manor House Poniatówka in the centre of Błonie.

Lesznowola community - for years, the most attractive town for business in the category of up to 50 thousand inhabitants according to “Forbes”. The community has more than 5 thousand companies, for example, more than 2 000 commercial companies from different industries, as well as the largest Asian shopping centre in Central and Eastern Europe located in Wólka Kosowska.

Mszczonów community - Geotermia Mazowiecka company operates in this community, thanks to which since 1999 the inhabitants can use water from the hot springs located under the town. The most interesting part of the community is the natural reserve in Grądy Osuchowskie which, due to its location at the highest point of Masovia, has the climate similar to this in the Sudetes.

Tarczyn community - extremely friendly and charming place, that combines modern standards and great traditions. Its orchards lead in the production of best fruits in the area. Many connoisseurs enjoy mouth-watering apples, pears, and cherries famous from their flavour.

Warta community - the main natural benefit is Zbornik Jeziorsko (water reservoir), which can satisfy the proponents of passive recreation, water sports enthusiasts, hunters and anglers. The Club of Water Tourism Warta along with the Local Government of Warta each year organize Regatta for the Blue Ribbon of Zbiornik Jeziorsko, as well as kayaking trips.

Tryńcza community - close proximity to forest complexes and no industrial activity make this area an ideal place to rest and live, both in terms of clean air and the landscape. In order to stimulate business activity, Tryńcza community acceded to the “Local Government Poland” programme, aimed at supporting micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Płużnica community - known primarily for entrepreneurship skills and activities of its inhabitants. It has thirty non-governmental organizations, and the local economy includes 180 micro-enterprises and several medium-sized companies known and respected in their fields.

Międzylesie community - situated on the border with the Czech Republic, this urban-rural community is located in the southern part of Kłodzkie county in Lower Silesian voivodeship. It has mineral waters at depths below 200 m. They contain high amounts of dissolved and free carbon dioxide.

Góra Kalwaria community - a picturesque town, friendly for locals and tourists, which teems with life and offers wonderful climate, beautiful views, many cycling and hiking routes. Apart from the town of Góra Kalwaria, there are 41 towns in the community.

Brzozów community - has a dense road network. Located on the route leading from the interior of the country to the Bieszczady Mountains (DW 886) and to border crossings with Ukraine and Slovakia (Korścienko, Radoszyce). Forest management is an important element associated with the development of the “Community Fair Play”. The State Forest District sells valuable types of wood. There are numerous sawmills, and POLIKAT brand operating in the market is well-known in the prefabricate and furniture industry.

Bełchatów community - it has protected natural objects. Due to the distinctive landscape and ecosystems, in 1998 the Protected Landscape Area “Widawka Valley” was established. Widawka River flows through areas transformed as a result of the exploitation of brown coal.

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