Over a year ago, Ministry of Economy together with PAIiIZ announced the Amazon’s investment in Poland. At the endo of october the American giant opens its fulfillment centres near Wrocław and Poznań where 6,000 people will be hired. PAIiIZ supported the implementation of this record investment.

In order to meet growing customer demand across all of Europe, Amazon was looking for a proper location to open three logistics centres in Europe. The new centres will serve to handle orders from Amazons.de, and ultimately will serve customers from all over Europe. Poland’s central location in Europe and a close connection to key markets as well as the access to a great employment base were key reasons behind this decision, argued Tim Collins, director of operations for Europe, Amazon in 2013.

Amazon plans to create up to 2,000 long term jobs in each logistics centre. In addition, during the holiday season total employment of the company in Poland is expected to grow to 9,000 people. Never before, none of projects, PAIiZ has been involved with, let to such a big recruitment campaign. For this reason, in 2013, American investor was awarded by the Agency  “The Biggest Investment of the Year”  in “Employment”  category.

New employees have already started work in two distribution centres located in Bielany Wrocławskie, that were opened 28 October 2014. The third centre in Sady near Poznań was open on the following day, on 29 October 2014.

Amazon Bookstore was founded 20 years ago in Seattle. Now the annual turnover of the company reaches $ 75 billion. Amazon employs 130,000 in 30 fulfilment centres all over the world, including the three that have been just opened in Poland.